Data Science is Easy

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Are you planing to Get Jobs / Salary Hike in 2019?

Then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

Do you the the Average Salary of a Data Scientist is $125,000/yr?

We designed the Course for absolute beginners even if you Don't know any Programming Language!

Do you know over 10 Million+ New Job will be created for the Data Science Filed in Just Next 3 years??

If you are a Student/ Job Holder/ Job Seeker then it is the Right time for you to go for Data Science!

Do you Ever Wonder that Data Science is the "Most Hottest" Job Globally in 2018 - 2019!

  • 15+ Hours Video

What Projects We are Going to Cover In the Masterclass [Premium One]

First Project - Titanic Case Study which is based on Classification Problem.

Project 2 - E-commerce Sale Data Analysis - based on Regression.

Project 3 - Customer Segmentation which is based on Unsupervised learning.

Final Project - Market Basket Analysis - based on Association rule mining

Who is the Course For?

The Course is Designed for :

  • Students Pursuing their Degree Course
  • Freshers preparing for Job
  • Job Holders want to Hike Salary
  • Job Holders want to test Data Science

Why Data Science is a MUST HAVE for Now A Days?

The Answer Why Data Science is a Must have for Now a days will take a lot of time to explain. Let's have a look into the Company name who are using Data Science and Machine Learning. Then You will get the Idea How it BOOST your Salary if you have Depth Knowledge in Data Science & Machine Learning!


Meet Your Instructor !

Mr. Rajib Layek

"A great course to kick-start journey in Machine Learning. It gives a clear contextual overview in most areas of Machine Learning . The effort in explaining the intuition of algorithms is especially useful"

- Krill Saha, Co-Founder, Impressive LLC

I simply love this course and I definitely learned a ton of new concepts.

Nevertheless, I wish there was some real life examples at the end of the course. A few homework problems and solutions would’ve been good enough.

- - Brance Leine, Data Scientist, IBM

It was amazing experience. I really liked the course. The way the trainers explained the concepts were too good. The only think which I love this course because of real world datasets and real life industry based case study covered. Overall it was great experience. The course will really help the beginners to gain knowledge. Cheers to the team UpDegree!

- - Brain Dee, Software Developer, IMO

I think that the code templates and interview questions provided from this course are extremely useful and easy to tune for personal application of the course material.

- - Lara Dekok, Data Scientist, Microsoft


Your Instructor


Hi! We are UpDegree, providing high quality interactive course.

We are the team of 100+ instructor over the globe. Adel (Oxford), Anand (Standford), Akash (IITB), Rajib (IITK), Partha (IITM) are few of them.

Updegree courses are different, In each and every course you not only get the videos lectures but you also get quiz,code,assignment etc to test your practical understanding!


Course Curriculum

  What We are Going to Cover in the Course?
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  Data Visualization
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Validity of the Course?
This is a Self Placed Online Course. The validity of the Course is Lifetime that means you can purchase the course Now and get access anytime you want. Isn't sound a good deal?
How I get help If I need?
You can ask a question to our Student Dashboard. We will solve your problem shortly as soon as possible!
Do you have any Refund Policy?
This Course is FREE
Where I will get all the Codes and Projects Covered in the Course?
You can Download the codes and projects file just after each Chapter. Download the file as a Zip and extract it!

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